Weekly WISE #6

Our final week of the summer will close out with a blog post by Emily A. Also check out our News & Events page for all the Summer 2023 SSEP highlights!

Emily A., Research Assistant in Breast Radiology

Hi Everyone,

My name is Emily and this summer, I have been working at St. Clare’s Hospital in the Radiology Department.  I have always had an interest in medicine and would like to pursue this as future career, so this has been my “dream job”.  I have been working under the supervision of Dr. Connie Hapgood and I have been a part of so many amazing things at the hospital and am now truly able to understand what medical professionals do each and every day.

Dr. Hapgood has tried to expose me to all of the different aspects of the radiology department.  I have been a part of many different diagnostic procedures including CT scans, X Rays, MRIs, Mammograms and Biopsies.  Dr. Hapgood has given me small duties in some of the procedures (where possible and of course under her guidance) and I have been there during patient meetings and live events such as when there are emergencies brought in that need immediate care.  I have seen so many different things and I have found out that I do not have any form of a weak stomach!

To ensure that I am learning, Dr. Hapgood had me create several learning modules which she can use for future students (not just WISE students!).  I developed modules on Breast Calcifications, Breast Ultrasounds and Breast Densities in presentation form which can be used by anyone learning about these topics.  I have also done a lot of research to understand various diagnostic procedures using text books and information that Dr. Hapgood has provided.  We look at x-rays together and she quizzes me to see if I can identify the problems!  I have gotten pretty good at this.

I can’t say enough amazing and positive things about Dr. Hapgood and the whole Radiology team at the hospital.  The other doctors and technicians have been so amazing to work with.  They truly love what they do and they are so patient and kind in explaining procedures so that I really understand what is happening.  This summer has been an incredible experience and I am so grateful to the WISE program and Dr. Hapgood for giving me this opportunity.

Weekly WISE #6
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