What is the Student Summer Employment Program (SSEP)?

The purpose of SSEP:

  • Provide young women with experience in scientific fields.
  • Encourage young women to consider careers in science and engineering fields.
  • Show young women that careers in the scientific fields can be exiting, as well as rewarding.

Students will get to experience first hand careers in science, and engineering that are exciting and rewarding. Along with their work experience, participants can also benefit from workplace tours, site visits, development activities, guest speakers, networking opportunities, and social activities with young women their age from across NL.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to female High School students who are completing Grade 11 (Level II) and who will be going back to school in the fall . Those who live in Labrador and are in Grade 10 (Level I) are also eligible to apply.

When is it?

WISE SSEP is a 7-week commitment job in July and August. Participants will work 35 hours per week and will be paid minimum wage.

Where is it?

Job positions are located in St. John’s and surrounding areas, Central, West Coast, and Labrador. Positions vary yearly and are dependent on funding received. Additionally, positions may be offered remotely due to on-going Covid-19 pandemic. Please see application for available positions.

How can you apply?

The application may be found on this website. Completed applications may be submitted as an online form, emailed as file or sent as hardcopy through the postal mail.

History of SSEP

The Student Summer Employment Program (SSEP), started of it’s journey in an inspired program that was offered by WISEST in Alberta. With over 1,000 young women successfully graduating from the program.

In 1994, WISE NL was awarded the prestigious Michael Smith Award for Science Promotion for it’s working with SSEP.

Evaluated in 2008, Hollett & Son’s Inc. found that SSEP provides a unique opportunity for young women of this province, as well as succeeding to encourage young women to pursue post-secondary education.

Students on a boat in the ocean
Past SSEP Participants