SSEP 2022 Program Highlights

June 27, 2022

Orientation Day

Kicking off the 2022 Student Summer Employment Program was a morning orientation. The day began on the MUN campus in the Engineering building. There was a short presentation on what students should expect going into the program, and some icebreakers to get familiar with each other. All students received some cool merch! After that, the group went on a tour of the MUN campus to visit their new workplace, which included seeing the newly built Core Sciences Building. The day concluded when we returned to the Engineering building to have pizza for lunch.

July 7, 2022

NRC Tour

On Thursday July 7th, the WISE SSEP 2022 participants were given a tour of The National Research Council of Canada Facility here on the St. John’s Campus of MUN. During the tour the participants were able to learn about the different project NRC is tasked with and how they complete them. We were able to go see the NRC ice tank. The ice tank is used to test cold water vessels and how they will handle ice present on the surface of water. The students learned about the different types of ice that can form and how the ice tank makes these different types of ice for testing. From there the students were able to learn how NRC constructs their models for testing, and the importance of making these models as accurate as possible to the real vessels. The students were also given the opportunity to learn about different career options NRC has to offer.

July 21, 2022

MED & Engineering Tour

On July 21st, the 2022 SSEP participants received two tours of the MUN campus. The morning began with a tour of the Faculty of Medicine. The group learned more about MUN’s biomedical engineering program by visiting the MUN MED 3D printing lab. We also saw the campus’ Electron Microscopy Unit and learned how researchers prepare samples. The tour ended by visiting the Anatomy Unit, and were introduced to the different training devices used by students and staff.

After lunch, the group learned more about MUN’s engineering programs by visiting the Core Sciences and Engineering buildings. The Core Science Building’s engineering wing contained many different labs. Some highlights included an ROV demonstration, and visiting a lab designed for blocking wireless networks. SSEP participants then visited the nearby Engineering Building, where we learned more about their Civil Engineering and Naval Architectural Engineering programs.