About Supervising

The Summer Student Employment Program (SSEP) offers the opportunity for Supervisors in science and engineering fields to advance their research or other work at no financial cost.

Additionally, SSEP is a rewarding opportunity to mentor a bright young female student interested in a career in science, engineering, mathematics, medicine or technology.

WISE NL applies for funding so the number of positions filled in any given year is determined by the number of placements that are funded.

The program runs for six to eight weeks during the months of June, July and August. The work week is 35 hours that excludes lunch. MUN holidays are observed.

General Timeline

Supervisor Applications Open

Supervisor applications open

Supervisor Applications Due

Supervisor applications due

Student application open

Student application open

Student application due

Student application due

Notification of student assignments

Notification of student assignments

Supervisor Detailed Placement Form

Supervisor Detailed Placement Form due

For more information, contact Melissa Keats at administrator@wisenl.ca.

You may also be interested reading material posted on the Reports & Publications page.


“These are real experiments, they’re not just occupying the students. They’re part of my work. It’s a real experience for them and what they do contributes very positively to my work.”
– Supervisor

Many of my past students have been from smaller communities and have felt intimidated about entering a large post-secondary institution as well as uncertain about what types of careers are available to women. Being part of this program has allowed me to be a role model for these young women, something I feel very proud of.”
 – Supervisor

2024 Supervisors

Dr. Lihong Zhang
Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science, MUN
Dr. Pierre-Paul Bitton
Psychology, Faculty of Science, MUN
Dr. Lindsay Cahill
Chemistry, Faculty of Science, MUN
Dr. Jonathan Fawcett
Psychology, Faculty of Science, MUN
Roxana Popescu
Software Engineer
Kyla Malayang
Department of Psychology, Ph.D. Candidate
Dr. Michelle Ploughman Ploughman
Dr. Katie Wilson
Faculty of Science, Department of Biochemistry , MUN
Dr. Kelly Hawboldt