National Research Council (NRC)

After our visit to MUN Medicine, the WISE SSEP 2023 participants were given a tour of The National Research Council of Canada Facility here on the St. John’s Campus of MUN. During the tour the participants were able to learn about the different projects NRC is tasked with and how they complete them. We were able to go see the NRC ice tank. The ice tank is used to test cold water vessels and how they will handle ice present on the surface of water. The students learned about the different types of ice that can form and how the ice tank makes these different types of ice for testing. We even got to be on the platform for the testing of a model vessel in the tank! From there the students were able to learn how NRC constructs their models for testing, and the importance of making these models as accurate as possible to the real vessels. The students were also given the opportunity to learn about different career options NRC has to offer. Thank you to Alison and John for another wonderful tour!

National Research Council